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Sister news
Ah I got my sister a few days ago on facebook. Don't ask me why, but it never goes well by skype, there always are lags everywhere.

And... if you find somewhere in New York a crazy French girl... well... uh... that's her.

No news for now, I suppose she'll post photos later on..

I am NOT a fan at all!
I have two big fandoms.

Inuyasha of course #1, and second, Assassin's Creed.

I discovered Assassin's Creed by pure chance, and didn't like it at first. I just had my xbox360, but no interesting games. My best friend and I watched some trailers for the first game. Didn't like it. A few months after, why not try to give it a try. So I tried. And it completely changed my mind. The story is beautiful, graphics I don't even want to speak about it, the historical setting... WOW.
I played it again and again (7/8 games finished). The only sad thing is that the game is really repetitive, it's always the same operation: find the timetable of the target by spying conversations/beating people/stealing elements for the target, ask for permission, and kill the target. Repeat. I really loved it. And was lucky! Assassin's creed II got out on november 19th, got it, new experience, new settings, we go from the third crusade to Italian renaissance, the first assassin (from ACI) spoken about a lot, we go from a badass, I-don't-care-about-the-consequences assassin to a bad ass (and pervert) assassin... paradise...

I went to a videogames shop not long after its release and saw a few posters of the game. And I know they sometimes gave the posters when they don't need it anymore. So, it almost became a ritual, my best friend and I would go and get the posters. I only missed the assassin's creed Brotherhood poster though. And last week, Assassin's Creed III has been released, I reserved the posters, and today problem o/. I could have mine, but my best friend couldn't because there was a mistake. The employee wrote on a paper that 2 posters were for customers (my best friend and I) except that is colleague didn't see it and threw tham out. The first one promised to try and look for one if he can. My friend is going there tomorrow. If he gets it, it's perfect. If not, I'll have to try to get one at another micromania. I called one beforehand just in case, so we're going to see.

I have almost more AC stuff than IY stuff, because it's hard as hell to find any Inuyasha things here. The manga isn't really famous here, because of they French Dub that KILLS the manga. And everybody know that our French butts are too LAZY to read french subs!

As I said. I am not a big fan of both.
Not at all.

Because I love it :D
I seem to have a way to annoy people just with my face sometimes, or my way of speaking.

I sometimes have a facial expression that is the opposite of what I say.

One day, a months before the finals, a teacher told us that all of our English exams were going to take place at the end of the exam period (2 weeks for all the university).
I said naturally and with a great confidence: "so we are going to have our Spanish exams early in the period then!"
My friend "Wow you rock! How do you know that??"
Naturally *shrug* "don't know"

Bada-Bing the people behind us trying to stifle their laughter.

Or recently. I have digestive problems (my whole family have it, and because of my own problem). I'm so fed up that I'm ready to try anything so it's not painful. I got some aloe vera gel. I have to take a large spoon twice a day. I had been warned that the thing is horrible to drink.

I went back home and tried the thing. I take a spoon and drink the med. I had no epression when I swallowed it and even "cleaned" the spoon with a "smirk". My mom, seeing this, said "it musn't be so bad if you are cleaning the spoon like that. Do you like it's taste?"

"I have never tasted anything so disgusting"


My mom is exasperated with me XD

Really, that meds tastes like mucus with steel in it ><. But it's working!
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That feeling when...
- You realize your sister is an ocean away from you and you can't annoy her
- you realize your dad is worst than you thought he was
- you are bored like no other because nobody answers when you look for a job just for a year

I'm not good at all... I'm glad my sister granted her wish to go to Canada, but as each day pass I feel more and more bad... lookinbg for a job where people think young people are useless lazy bastards is really hard... Only need for a year so I Don't depend on my dad's alimony payment, so I can be really FREE of him because I'm fed up as HELL.

We aren't on good terms at all, but I realized some things and that makes me respect him even less... I didn't have a lot before but now....

Going to take some meds to calm Euphytose I need ya! (a med nos as strong as valium at all, but it hels easing the tension and feel calmer).

Last time I can annoy her
Tommorrow I see my sister for the last time before she leaves for Québec. A 6 months trip.

She's both excited and scared as hell, because as she says, it's the first time she leaves Europe.

I am damn happy for her, but who am I going to annoy now? Dunno, and I am going to do a 6 months worth constant teasing from the moment she'll come to the moment she'll go back to Nancy \o/.

Get ready Ya Ha!

bitchy mood
For the first time since March 4th 2011 I went back to an hospital, Brabois (in Nancy), to give something to my neighbor here. She has a very big problem to her ankle and needs to stay 4 to 8 weeks at the hospital.

I now understand why my sister didn't want to come, I did because I had business to do in Nancy (chiropractor for my shoulder and jaw), but going there was fucking hard.

It was where we lost David.

I went here when I was little for my problem, and was in the children hospital (Brabois is an hospital divided in several hospitals,hospital for children, for adult, a building for intensive care, I won't say where we lost him).

I was practically crying when I went to my neighbor's room to give her her things. I was shivering the entire time I was here and jumped in the tram as soon as I got out to go back downtown.

I'm not well at all, and I learn that her "boyfriend" (she's 67), a man I can't stand because of his lack of balls and machist view of the opposite gender, and the fact that he's NEVER here for her (almost punched him the last time I saw him) comes tomorrow to fetch her key to fetch somethings to bring back to her, lucky my mom is going to be there because I WON'T wait all day for this assh*le to come.

Very BAD mood right now.

Good thing is that even though I still have that damn tendinitis in my shoulder, is that my jaw won't get stuck again...

The fact that David left us and going back here proves that I still haven't really gotten over his departure...

phew, we had a rotten July this year, but August is really hot.

We fear for my 97 years old grams, evern though her house is dark and not as hot, there is always someone with her to make sure she's alright and dring a lot of water...

That, plus the fact she slipped and fell twice, thankfully nothing is broken, but we still all look out for her.

She's stubborn, really stubborn ^^

Why am I not surprised?
My sister had to go with my dad and step ... in Ireland in August. Lucky you would say, because it's one of my sister's dreams. But we learned one or two months ago that they won't go to Ireland but in Italy. Stepmom has Italian origins.

Well... first thing that didn't even surprise me. As she will go to Canada in September, she has many many things to take care of before she goes. At first she didn't want to go, even in Ireland because it would cut on her time to get ready, but never one to disappoint my father, she didn't object.

In Italy dad (more like stepmom actually) wanted to spend 15 days here, with my sister, my sister doesn't want to spend the entire trip here, so she decided to leave by plane and join them here later, for a week only.

Then this morning my mom tells me my sister called because there was a change of plans. It didn't please them that she wants to go there later, so they decided she would leave with them and take the plane back to France later. It doesn't suit my sister, AT ALL, they didn't even ask for her opinion on that matter. AND as she could take a plane to land directly in Lorraine instead of PARIS (300 kilometers from my home), they don't want to take her to the airport that goes to the good destination because it's 60 kilometers from where they are going to be.

60 kilometers. My dad is going to spend 8 hours on the road, more than 1000 kilometers and he whines because of 60 kilometers?? WHAT THE FUCK! SO as it doesn't suit them at all they will take her to a closer airport, and WE will have to get her near Paris. 300 kilometers. With a car that shows it's age.

It amazes me how he wouldn't do a small sacrifice for his own DAUGHTER. If it doesn't suit them, they will try to do something so it does suit them, regardless of others' schedule or opinion.

My sister is upset about that, she's already stressed out because it will be the first time she will travel out of Europe, not for vacation but for her studies (hum and she will come to the US I think), and my dad is doing that just to stress her out more.

I went to Italy once. ONCE. With them. I'll never want to go back here again, except if it's NOT with them. I was in the same case.
First it was my sister who told me I would go to Italy for 15 days in August. The idea didn't appeal to me AT ALL. She told me in April, and he told me in June. In August I hav a disneyland trip organized for months with my cousin. I didn't know when I was leaving and when I was coming back. I came back the day before the disneyland trip. (I wasn't tired at all because I made it an habit to sleep during the trip so my dad and step... won't talk to me).

I was 15, so minor, and I couldn't refuse. Believe me, 15 days in the same hotel room as them when you are 15 and can't stand your stepmom is horrible. From the time I learned from him I would go to Italy, I was depressed. Not even the trip to the mountains with my mom changed anything. It ruined the entire summer. And nce they had the nerve to say "you're ruining our holidays" (because I wasn't feeling well at all) yep, you did ruin mine too...

So I understand completely what my sister is feeling right now. She leaves Saturday. Against her will. As usual. She doesn't want to have problems with my dad, so she complies, even if she doesn't like it.

That's the main reason I dons't speak to him. It may hurt him, but with what he did to me all the time, I can't care less.

My sister will come tommorrow to give us her bunny, maybe I'll have more details as she doesn't say everything to mom so it won't make her hurt for us.

Congratulations dad, you have even less of my respect.

But as I said, it doesn't even surprise me, we have been living that for almost 16 years.

I have seen a good video recently, a video I agree with.

A young man called Norman love to make videos on random things.

And he made a video about people with Apple products. He is good he even made subtitles in English. The video is hilarious to me XD.


Blood donation and good laugh
Today I went to make a blood donation. As I always do when I can, they were in my village.

The donation was quick as always, it went very well.

The small snack we have afterwards was not as good.

In all the donation I made, it's the first time I fainted. Not during the donation, but during the SNACK. I only remember having a problem hearing, and nothing else. Blank. I woke up as the people were taking me out of my chair to lay me on the tiled floor. The only thing I said "uh, what are you doing?"

As soon as I touched the cold floor I felt immensely better.
Apparently the difference of temperature between the room where was the donation and the one where were the snacks were different, and I had an intense wave of heat because there were a lot of people ant it's warm in there, and I fainted.

First time I fainted in my life. I never thought I would do that while eating...

But it was a good laugh ... yeah laugh because as soon as I woke up I made everyone laugh even the doctors, who were a little worried.

I have to go to my doctor so he give me a prescription for mu usual med, I KNOW he'll never leave me alone XD