I need to get this out of my system.
Illika, my 5 years old bunny died.

1 month ago, I said that my sister's bunny was with her... okay. I actually thought that she was pregnant. But as the last days went by, no nest and no little ones. I decided today to take her to the vet. She actually wasn't pregnant. But I noticed she had trouble breathing. She put her nose in the air and sometimes opened her mouth. Not a good sign at all. We went back to the vet in emergency, her lungs were filling with something strange. She wanted to be in my arms, so here she went (my mom was holding her but she almost jumped on me). 2 minute after that, she made a strange movement and she was gone.

I think I'm still stunned by this. It was so fast. But at least she didn't suffer and she was in the arms of her mistress. The vet was really moved by that (he was annoyed when I called because he was back at home), and said it was better to bring her there than wait for morning, see her gone and wondering what happened.

Some people think that animals are just that, animals. But they don't know they are actually family, and losing them is hard. Especially when you got them when they were babies.

She's in a better place now.

R.I.P illika.

damn... bunny!

My sister's bunny fucked up big time, in every sense of the word!

As my sister will be away until next sunday, she asked me if I could take care of Noos (her bunny). But the problem is that I found him in my female bunny's cage!

Both are fertile....

As Illika's cage has two opening, one on the roof and one at the front, I usually leave the roof one open, she doesn't jump over it. Usually Noos' cage opening (also on the roof) is blocked. But this time it wasn't (as I was looking for something to block it). I come back, and what do I see? Noos in Illika's cage... I snag Noos and put him back in his cage. Illika got out of her cage and ran all around the living room and I had trouble catching her (she was panicking). I managed to calm her, but now I'm afraid she's pregnant. Not that having baby bunnies would bother me too much, but as she's 5 years old, I am scared for her safety, as I think they coupled several times.

I read on forums that rabbits can have babies even at 5 years old, but the chances that they'll have a litter of 9 are slim. If it's only one or two I'll keep them, hoping that Illika isn't in danger. But one thing is sure, if there are a few rabbits, I sterilize them... And castrate Noos myself! If there are more, I know some people interested and who I trust with rabbits. Of course my sister laughed when she heard about it, but she wouldn't take a baby if there was a litter...

I'm pretty stressed because I have never experienced this before. When it were my two other bunnies I didn't have this problem because we didn't have a male at all! Some people say that if they coupled in a cage there are less chances for illika to be pregnant. I hope so....

So No more outings for Noos! Usually when he's out I put illika's cage in another room with the door closed. Now I'll put her cage in my bedroom!
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ah please kill me!

I don't know if you have this, but in order to get in some schools, you have to write a letter, what we call a "lettre de motivation" where we have to "sell ourselves", same when you look for a job. But as I am applying for a school, it's different, and I'm still on this fraking letter and ready to rip my hair out ><. And I shudder to think about all the other ones I need to do...

the great discover

Omg I discovered pancakes with maple syrup.

Became an instant favorite :DDD. I never ate this before and damnit why didn't I try sooner??

Taking the plane tomorrow and I am not looking forward seeing the shit it isin France compared to Canada...
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Leaving for Québec in 7 days.

I'm litteraly scared sh*tless. Not for leaving France, but for the plane. I am scared of heights. And knowing I'll be in a plane, HIGH in the air for 7 hours and a half is really scary.
I took the plane once, with my uncle, as it was small planes, he had to check everything before taking off. He had to explain me EVERYTHING before I even accepted to go in that plane.

Everyone say "you'll see it's not as bad, it's even safer than cars". I don't doubt it. It's not the plane I'm the most worried about, but the fact, as I said, to be really far from the ground for 7hours.

How will I pass the time to try not to panic for 7hours? I don't know. I'm not a movie lover, have no books that interest me atm, I have my DS but no way it is going to last the whole way.... I thought about a tablet but there is no internet in the plane (Air Canada)and if I wanted a internet card to put in it, it would be only available for France. Useless.

hum... Maybe a powerful sedative to make me sleep until we arrive will be better?

And it's going to be the first time I go out of Europe. o/


I just finished Assassin's Creed III it's really a good game. Can be hard as hell, but really good. When I think I wasn't interested at first....

I discovered it with my best friend in 2008 when we were at the supermarket next to our school. There was a gameplay trailer for Assassin's Creed. Denis said he had heard of this game, and it was cool.
When I saw the trailer I wasn't interested at all. I thought it was just a game to kill like many others.

Then in the summer holidays of 2009, I didn't have many interesting games on my xbox. I remembered this game (just by the looks of the character because I didn't remember the name). I tried it.

The graphics were incredible, and it was much finer than I thought. Really an Assassin game: find, kill, and disappear. And as it was set in historical times, it was even better! I did some research on the internet for the Assassin's targets. All really existed. Of course their death is different, as it was only fiction, but hey, it helps a lot!

Was happy to see that Assassin's Creed II would go out in 2009. In France, it got out on Nov 19th. Pegi 18. It was the day I turned 18.
This time it was in Italy, and a database had been added to the game, giving information about the different characters and areas (monuments, buildings...), or even wars.

I have them all, and am amazed by what you can learn in it. Sometimes my mom ask me stuff, and when I answer, she asks "how do you know that?" "Assassin's Creed". Sometimes I even show her the data and compare it on the internet. Even if the internet has much more info, the game covers the most important things.

This serie is really my absolute favorite in the recent games. I saw that ACIII was on the Wii too, I'm curious to see how you play it. If you have to dodge and makes the moves, good luck XD

Oh, and it's the only game in which Denis doesn't want to challenge me. He says that I'm so sadistic and fast that he wouldn't want to cross me on the multiplayer game.

Dunno what he means... okay I throw halberds at soldiers, sending them flying 2/3 meters away but that's all ^^"
Going to play AC brotherhood now. Ezio here I come o//
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The 2000 chorists return!

I don't remember if I talked about it already, but in Lorraine we have a choir with 2000 chorists. I didn't know about it until my mom ws in it. Actually it's not very old at all as it is going to be their third edition.

My mom loves to sing, so she is in a choir, but in 2011, she discovered she could take part of the 2000 chorists project. She didn't have to be told twice and did it. Let's just say it was really amazing to see. Seeing 2000 people on a scene singing at the same time, believe me it makes you shiver!

The only thing that marred all that was one song, that my mom, sister and I can't listen anymore "Over the rainbow" by Iz... It was sang by a small band, but it was really hard to listen to it without wanting to cry (this song listened to at David's burial).

So now the 2000 chorists is coming again and my mom is in it. It's great. But as she needs to get ready for it, it means she has to listen to all songs in her style of voice (soprano). So since this morning I have been hearing songs I couldn't even recognize because of the voice (a man sings them....). Let's just say that it's good when it stops. I almost begged my mom to just STOP IT until I leave for Nancy. She wanted to stop anyway for the morning so it wasn't a problem.

And as I have good ears and as she put the speakers up, being woken up by this is.... hum "wtf is happening here".
I know the final result with all the voices is going to be great, but hearing that for the next 10 months is going to be hard. Even in the car sometimes. I change to the cd immediatly.

Oh and, apparently her choir is in a project to make a choir with 5 000 chorists. Wow.
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I dare you!

To say that the english voices for Inuyasha are worse than these ones!


Had a debate about the french versions of anime with a former "colleague" on Mirc. To prove my point, I said that I would try to wath for the longest time possible the first episode of Inuyasha in French.

I could watch it for... 30/40 seconds after the opening. The first words of Inuyasha made me stop.

Hum Merry Christmas (a little late for me)

Yes Hum because I don't feel it was really Christmas. Only the fact that we had christmas stuff on all tv channels proved that YES it was christmas/ christmas eve.

I spent it at my best friend's this year, it was cool, because he knows I don't celebrate christmas anymore. Yup, since David's passing, and the fact that the christmas just before (2010) was with him when all was "good" is still painful. Last year I couldn't bring myself to even thinke about celebrating Christmas, and last year I was supposed to go to my dad's. Yeah supposed if I still talked to him. Last year on my birthday we had the biggest argument ever and since then no contact. I "celebrated" Christmas at my Uncle's. It felt strange to my sister and I because it was the first time we weren't together on Christmas, and she regretted going to my dad's.

Now as she's in Quebec, hum a little difficult to celebrate it together, still feels strange, but she was reluctant at first to celebrate it.

At least she has SNOW and COLD for Christmas. Here? It was almost spring! 15°C here, it's hot as hell for winter! Especially where I live Oo. So haven't really been in the spirit. And now I'm alone, I think of David --"

Ah and no presents for me this year XD. Plenty rotten on birthday :p