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First part done!

From monday to today, I had the first part of my finals.

- Maths. Everyone in our class, even the best ones, couldn't find the answer to ONE question. We are still looking for the answer ...
- Economy and Managment (my wrist is still hurting ><)

- English (with all the Apple stuff we had in class I was surprised that there was nothing on the subject!)
- French (My wrist may be hurting because of that too oo)

The most important subject ... computing. We have a situation, and all our exam is based on this situation. The subject was "update a web application and software to manage the trash in a city". So we have to suggest solutions to improve an already existing project, code some method of the app (all of this is on paper, we do nothing on the computer), improve a database by organizing, adding, removing information from the existing database ... make some method in the website code ... whooo.

To us it was "how can we organize when people have to get their trashcans out so we can empty them"

I don't think I really messed up, but I'm paranoïd about forgetting something...

So I'm done with these finals, now I have to study for the other ones ... ugh
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