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TOEIC - Amazing introduction of the American way OO

In my studies, English is really important. Programming is in English all the time, so it's better to have some basics.

We have English classes that teach us English expressions and words for everything touching technology. Great, really.

And, our school also offer us the opportunity to make our level in English official, by introducing the TOEIC.

It's only given to students who are working to get a diploma like mine.

And we had some training sessions. And then, we saw the answer sheet.
We were all amazed by the system. In France we don't use, or really rarely this system. If we take a test, we are used to write ... a lot.
Here, it's a monstruous sheet of paper where we have to color the answer we want. Ok no problem about that, but when we saw the paper just for our name, we were really amazed... We had to write our name in letters, and then darken the letters of our name in a list. No, we are not used to this at all XD.

We've been told later that it's because our papers are read by a machine afterwards, which explains, but when you see this the first time it's strange.

In France, we use this system only if we are taking some specific exams. The last time I used it, it was for an exam in "the basics" of computing (aka "what is a mouse" or "how do I do to save a word document" ...). Yep, we are in deeper computing stuff, but we have to take this exam ... wtf.

Anyway, the TOEIC is on Monday if I'm not mistaken, we'll see how it goes ...

It's very important because in French, there are a lot of problems with English. Very few people speak English. Young know the videogames English "yes no you lost try again", and older people... er .....

Now, if you have an official proof of your level in English, it can make the difference when you are looking for a job. I take the test because my school organize this.
My school is actually what you can call an high school. But in France, after high school, you can either enter university, some specific schools, or stay in HS to study for a specific diploma. We are still in High school, but we have the status of student, which gives us more rights.
You spend two years studying for a specific thing, and afterwards, your diploma has more weight than someone that did the same thing in university, because in university, you study the theory, and you have to train yourself, and even after three years, you'll still have less experience than someone in High school because you have not any internship, and we have two.

Afterward we can continue studying, or stop to look for a job because we are seen as ready to find a job.
I personnally will take another year afterwards, and then I'll stop. I'm fed up with school, and this diploma is not recognized outside of France, and I don't know if I want to stay there ... better be safe than sorry.
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