ryupioupiou (ryupioupiou) wrote,

Oh great dilemna

I'll admit that I have NEVER been a fan of Apple products. Especially now. The ONLY thig I accept is the Ipod , but even then, I find it is a pain just to put music on it.

My uncle is a half Apple addict (half because even though everything he owns is Apple, he's not running into a store to buy the latest gadget). He and I are somewhat in a playful war between PC/Mac and IOS/Android.

But, as I am studying computing sciences, especially development of programs. During my two internships I have been lucky enough to work on ANYTHING but Mac, but I'm afraid that one day I'll be in a company that worships it ...

I tried installing a program on a friend's macBook (and it only took like 30 minutes because they can't do anything like everyone), and I admit using it is so horrible that I hesitate to ask m uncle to use his ... for a while to get used to it.

Dilemna, dilemna ....
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