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I need to get this out of my system.
Illika, my 5 years old bunny died.

1 month ago, I said that my sister's bunny was with her... okay. I actually thought that she was pregnant. But as the last days went by, no nest and no little ones. I decided today to take her to the vet. She actually wasn't pregnant. But I noticed she had trouble breathing. She put her nose in the air and sometimes opened her mouth. Not a good sign at all. We went back to the vet in emergency, her lungs were filling with something strange. She wanted to be in my arms, so here she went (my mom was holding her but she almost jumped on me). 2 minute after that, she made a strange movement and she was gone.

I think I'm still stunned by this. It was so fast. But at least she didn't suffer and she was in the arms of her mistress. The vet was really moved by that (he was annoyed when I called because he was back at home), and said it was better to bring her there than wait for morning, see her gone and wondering what happened.

Some people think that animals are just that, animals. But they don't know they are actually family, and losing them is hard. Especially when you got them when they were babies.

She's in a better place now.

R.I.P illika.
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