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damn... bunny!

My sister's bunny fucked up big time, in every sense of the word!

As my sister will be away until next sunday, she asked me if I could take care of Noos (her bunny). But the problem is that I found him in my female bunny's cage!

Both are fertile....

As Illika's cage has two opening, one on the roof and one at the front, I usually leave the roof one open, she doesn't jump over it. Usually Noos' cage opening (also on the roof) is blocked. But this time it wasn't (as I was looking for something to block it). I come back, and what do I see? Noos in Illika's cage... I snag Noos and put him back in his cage. Illika got out of her cage and ran all around the living room and I had trouble catching her (she was panicking). I managed to calm her, but now I'm afraid she's pregnant. Not that having baby bunnies would bother me too much, but as she's 5 years old, I am scared for her safety, as I think they coupled several times.

I read on forums that rabbits can have babies even at 5 years old, but the chances that they'll have a litter of 9 are slim. If it's only one or two I'll keep them, hoping that Illika isn't in danger. But one thing is sure, if there are a few rabbits, I sterilize them... And castrate Noos myself! If there are more, I know some people interested and who I trust with rabbits. Of course my sister laughed when she heard about it, but she wouldn't take a baby if there was a litter...

I'm pretty stressed because I have never experienced this before. When it were my two other bunnies I didn't have this problem because we didn't have a male at all! Some people say that if they coupled in a cage there are less chances for illika to be pregnant. I hope so....

So No more outings for Noos! Usually when he's out I put illika's cage in another room with the door closed. Now I'll put her cage in my bedroom!
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