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Leaving for Québec in 7 days.

I'm litteraly scared sh*tless. Not for leaving France, but for the plane. I am scared of heights. And knowing I'll be in a plane, HIGH in the air for 7 hours and a half is really scary.
I took the plane once, with my uncle, as it was small planes, he had to check everything before taking off. He had to explain me EVERYTHING before I even accepted to go in that plane.

Everyone say "you'll see it's not as bad, it's even safer than cars". I don't doubt it. It's not the plane I'm the most worried about, but the fact, as I said, to be really far from the ground for 7hours.

How will I pass the time to try not to panic for 7hours? I don't know. I'm not a movie lover, have no books that interest me atm, I have my DS but no way it is going to last the whole way.... I thought about a tablet but there is no internet in the plane (Air Canada)and if I wanted a internet card to put in it, it would be only available for France. Useless.

hum... Maybe a powerful sedative to make me sleep until we arrive will be better?

And it's going to be the first time I go out of Europe. o/