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I just finished Assassin's Creed III it's really a good game. Can be hard as hell, but really good. When I think I wasn't interested at first....

I discovered it with my best friend in 2008 when we were at the supermarket next to our school. There was a gameplay trailer for Assassin's Creed. Denis said he had heard of this game, and it was cool.
When I saw the trailer I wasn't interested at all. I thought it was just a game to kill like many others.

Then in the summer holidays of 2009, I didn't have many interesting games on my xbox. I remembered this game (just by the looks of the character because I didn't remember the name). I tried it.

The graphics were incredible, and it was much finer than I thought. Really an Assassin game: find, kill, and disappear. And as it was set in historical times, it was even better! I did some research on the internet for the Assassin's targets. All really existed. Of course their death is different, as it was only fiction, but hey, it helps a lot!

Was happy to see that Assassin's Creed II would go out in 2009. In France, it got out on Nov 19th. Pegi 18. It was the day I turned 18.
This time it was in Italy, and a database had been added to the game, giving information about the different characters and areas (monuments, buildings...), or even wars.

I have them all, and am amazed by what you can learn in it. Sometimes my mom ask me stuff, and when I answer, she asks "how do you know that?" "Assassin's Creed". Sometimes I even show her the data and compare it on the internet. Even if the internet has much more info, the game covers the most important things.

This serie is really my absolute favorite in the recent games. I saw that ACIII was on the Wii too, I'm curious to see how you play it. If you have to dodge and makes the moves, good luck XD

Oh, and it's the only game in which Denis doesn't want to challenge me. He says that I'm so sadistic and fast that he wouldn't want to cross me on the multiplayer game.

Dunno what he means... okay I throw halberds at soldiers, sending them flying 2/3 meters away but that's all ^^"
Going to play AC brotherhood now. Ezio here I come o//