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The 2000 chorists return!
I don't remember if I talked about it already, but in Lorraine we have a choir with 2000 chorists. I didn't know about it until my mom ws in it. Actually it's not very old at all as it is going to be their third edition.

My mom loves to sing, so she is in a choir, but in 2011, she discovered she could take part of the 2000 chorists project. She didn't have to be told twice and did it. Let's just say it was really amazing to see. Seeing 2000 people on a scene singing at the same time, believe me it makes you shiver!

The only thing that marred all that was one song, that my mom, sister and I can't listen anymore "Over the rainbow" by Iz... It was sang by a small band, but it was really hard to listen to it without wanting to cry (this song listened to at David's burial).

So now the 2000 chorists is coming again and my mom is in it. It's great. But as she needs to get ready for it, it means she has to listen to all songs in her style of voice (soprano). So since this morning I have been hearing songs I couldn't even recognize because of the voice (a man sings them....). Let's just say that it's good when it stops. I almost begged my mom to just STOP IT until I leave for Nancy. She wanted to stop anyway for the morning so it wasn't a problem.

And as I have good ears and as she put the speakers up, being woken up by this is.... hum "wtf is happening here".
I know the final result with all the voices is going to be great, but hearing that for the next 10 months is going to be hard. Even in the car sometimes. I change to the cd immediatly.

Oh and, apparently her choir is in a project to make a choir with 5 000 chorists. Wow.