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I dare you!
To say that the english voices for Inuyasha are worse than these ones!


Had a debate about the french versions of anime with a former "colleague" on Mirc. To prove my point, I said that I would try to wath for the longest time possible the first episode of Inuyasha in French.

I could watch it for... 30/40 seconds after the opening. The first words of Inuyasha made me stop.

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That's how I feel when I watch the English dub. I got as far as InuYasha waking up when Kagome leads the Centipede woman to him...

Watched further than that. I got to the point where Kagome's just about to free him. But my French isn't that good any more...The voice, though, doesn't match Inu, IMHO...but then, Kappei is the only true voice of InuYasha, as far as I'm concerned.

Same for me. Kappei's voice suits IY just fine. I listened the Spanish version, same thing, doesn't fit. I think when you're used to watching original things, the translations and voices are ... not good at all.

I now know the reason why Inuyasha isn't famous in France. We don't have any channels that show original anime (subtitled of course), so we are doomed to watch the horror. One Piece, Bleach and Naruto are the most famous shonen we have in France. But Inuyasha? hard to find.

Just to have the books, I can only find them in two places in Nancy, one selling mangas only, and a big bookshop.

For the anime, they stopped at season 1. And second movie... I managed to grab the last dvd of the second movie...

If I want to find Inuyasha stuff, I need to wait for Japan expo to come to Paris in July. Usually I find things, such as the replica of Tessaiga and some posters. Otherwise, I NEVER found ANY GOODIES from Inuyasha. A pity...

Can't wait for July to arrive so I can go hunt down some IY stuff.

I've heard a bit of the Spanish one...I ran away very quickly...

With InuYasha being complete and therefore not cutting edge, it's getting harder to find cool stuff here, too.

Naruto and Bleach seem the big ones any more. People can like what they want. I'll go with what I think is good.

I've written about the equivalent in word count of 6 novels worth of Inu fic over the years. I guess that shows what I think is important! LOL.

xD Just with "A Tale Of Ever After" you must have written a loooot ^^.
Show your fanfiction.net page to a friend, dunno if she read one of your fic yet but I think she'll love them ^^.

Of course people like what they want it's normal, but finding cool stuff is hard ^^. When I fisrt discovered about Inuyasha, I had a lot of trouble just to find the books (I didn't know it was a manga at first, it's Kris' art that made me discover it) and the manga wasn't even completed then. We French people always miss the cool stuff XD

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