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Hum Merry Christmas (a little late for me)
Yes Hum because I don't feel it was really Christmas. Only the fact that we had christmas stuff on all tv channels proved that YES it was christmas/ christmas eve.

I spent it at my best friend's this year, it was cool, because he knows I don't celebrate christmas anymore. Yup, since David's passing, and the fact that the christmas just before (2010) was with him when all was "good" is still painful. Last year I couldn't bring myself to even thinke about celebrating Christmas, and last year I was supposed to go to my dad's. Yeah supposed if I still talked to him. Last year on my birthday we had the biggest argument ever and since then no contact. I "celebrated" Christmas at my Uncle's. It felt strange to my sister and I because it was the first time we weren't together on Christmas, and she regretted going to my dad's.

Now as she's in Quebec, hum a little difficult to celebrate it together, still feels strange, but she was reluctant at first to celebrate it.

At least she has SNOW and COLD for Christmas. Here? It was almost spring! 15°C here, it's hot as hell for winter! Especially where I live Oo. So haven't really been in the spirit. And now I'm alone, I think of David --"

Ah and no presents for me this year XD. Plenty rotten on birthday :p

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We're finally getting some snow here on Christmas night. We've had a tiny bit before, but then it went too warm for the time of year.

That's good you had some snow, hope there isn't ice on roads, it's sneaky >

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